Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's August 2009

Gosh, it has been more than a year since I have written an entry for my blog. How have I been? Good and could only get better. I would love to share photos of my Alma Mater taken on 4th August 2009 - Back2BBGS event at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Once a BBGSian , always will be and proud of it.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

It's July already

Gosh ... two whole months slipped by and I didn't have a chance to post anything. Firstly, I have been extremely busy and stressed out coordinating the department ... moving from one building to another a street or two away. No complaints, now ... at the very least, from my cubicle, there's finally a view. It's certainly more comfortable as I have requested for loads of storage space for all to share i.e. for once, no more cluttered tables and files beneath my workstation. :)

Another reason why ... July is a month filled with hope for me. This is the month or maybe the next, is the time when I'll hear the results of the 'thing' that occupied my time since one and a half years ago. I am very excited and ever hopeful that our 'wish' will come true real soon. Ta ta ... will write soon :)

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

April musings

It's now or never for me to post an entry for April 2008 so here goes. I've been pretty busy in April with work, finalising the last bit required for an application, celebrated some birthdays and getting to know/mingle with hubby's friends from SJI at Lookout Point, Selangor. Sigh - needed some getting used to coz you will tend to hear some not so delicate words although some in abbreviation such as SKY (don't ask me - I've forgotten what it stands for)... maybe this is the way the conversation goes between males and entirely different from what I'm used to. I love photos in duotones - I have all the photos taken in both colour and black and white.

My weekend's still the same - pretty much multitasking on Saturdays with Scabulousing (in Facebook), washing and drying clothes in between reading a novel (by the way, read 4 novels this month). Hubby and I bought Takuya Kimura's "The Wealthy Family" and we practically finished the show in 4-5 sittings. As usual, cried my eyes out ... other than that we saw the "Bucket List" and "Ah Long Private Limited" (just to add, I cried while watching Bucket List too). I've been wanting to watch Bucket List for some time now ... hubby only agreed to purchase after one of his friend commented it's worth watching ...

Let's see what else I have - yup, major pimple outbreak coz there's this one red pimple on my nose ... going for another facial to get rid of it coz it's annoying and no amount of make up can conceal it. For the past two months went for a couple of Yoga and Pilate classes (bought some coupons and need to finished them by October). There are lots of things to look forward to in the coming months in terms of movies to watch ... yippee ... especially Pixar's WALL.E (hubby's betting that I'll be shedding a tear or two). Ta ta for now :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

BBGS Centenary song - "Within These Walls"

Feeling a tad nostalgic this morning and would like to share the centenary song below. Lyrics and music by Raja Ismahan and Nik Serena - winners of the BBGS Centenary Song Competition, 1993. Believe it or not, when we sang this song back in 1993 - we're all moved to tears. Wonder if anyone have pictures of the centenary celebration - especially the ones taken of the chinese dance :)

Within These Wall

If through these walls, we can hear the stories long ago

Those BBGS dreams their hopes and more
If through these walls, we can see the days before
We'll see the joy, the rise and growth
Every smile that greets hello

Names may change and faces pass
But the tune's the same we'll make it last
We'll learn these words before they come to pass
BBGS in my heart, ten decades we've grown to love
Add a hundred more, my heart will still belong
Within these cherished walls

Here on these walls, I found meanings of love
To conquer fears to wipe the sorrow tears
Here I learnt of friends, learnt to give a helping hand
And when I'm lost, they'll guide my way with God's will till the end...

Names may change and faces pass
But the tune's the same we'll make it last
We'll learn these words before they come to pass
Within these walls we've built our lives
For a hundred years it stayed with us
Let us keep it standing strong...

Friday, 29 February 2008

Feb 29th, 2008

Basically today is indeed a special day - sigh, it's proven that my hubby's command of the english language is much stronger than mine. Thirteen years ago, his 1119 result's better and 13 years later, he scored better than me in yet another official language certification. Am I a tad upset? Yes, but nonetheless I am glad that the ordeal of preparing for and sitting for examination's over. I can now go back to enjoying a novel or two during weekends and endless Facebooking.

Cheers everyone & Happy Leap Year! :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My thoughts ....

This morning, a myriad of things went through my mind such as will 2008 be a year of fulfilment of wishes and plans of previous years? The one thing that tops my list, all I can do is to sit and wait because it is totally out of our hands. If and when this wish comes true, it will impact our lives and there are much promises of better things to come our way.

As I sit in front of my PC this morning, are there things I will do differently? I do believe, where I am right now follows a path and hopefully it's the path that's laid out for me by God. Many times my heart desires something that may not be good for me; I am given a chance to have a sneak peek but am always kept away. I have come to a realisation some time back that we should take life and live life to the fullest. We need to take the first step and make the first move for things that we want, even if opportunities presents itself right before your eyes, what good would it be if it just passes you by as you sit and wait?

There are people who will pass through your life and leave positive and wonderful impact and there are those who will cause you great dislike. I am still learning to 'not be affected' by the negative lot but can't help wondering why would they want to live this way? Why to slander and pretend? Don't they get tired keeping up appearances? Yup, this year is the year of the rat but I am hoping I've had enough encounters with rodents and will instinctively know one when it appears from miles away.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Yet another year

When I was years younger, every November I will be extremely excited as I would be a year older - that excitement have since dissipated after passing the 25th birthday. Used to reply that I will XX age soon and now when asked, the reply would be 28++++++ ... when asked prior to my upcoming birthday.

Let me share with you some write ups that I have googled or some friends may have shared at certain point of time :-

What your Birth month means

NOVEMBER * Has a lot of ideas* Difficult to fathom* Thinks forward* Unique and brilliant* Extraodinary ideas* Sharp thinking* Fine and strong clairvoyance* Can become good doctors* Careful and cautious* Dynamic in personality* Secretive* Inquisitive* Knows how to dig secrets* Always thinking* Less talkative but amiable* Brave and generous* Patient* Stubborn and hard-hearted* If there is a will, there is a way* Determined* Never give up* Hardly become angry unless provoked* Loves to be alone* Thinks differently from others* Sharp-minded* Motivates oneself* Does not appreciates praises* High-spirited* Well-built and tough* Deep love and emotions* Romantic* Uncertain in relationships* Homely* Hardworking* High abilities* Trustworhty* Honest and keeps secrets* Not able to control emotions* Unpredictable

November Birth Flower
The chrysanthemum is the November birthflower. The chrysanthemum means compassion, friendship and secret love. This flower can be red, white or yellow. Chrysanthemums have been grown by the Chinese for over 2,000 years. This flower is also a symbol of the sun. Chrysanthemum was named after the Greek word which means gold flower.
The chrysanthemum blooms in late summer and fall. These flowers are native to Asia and Europe. There are over 30 species of the chyrsanthemum. It is the national flower of Japan and symbolizes the Japanese Emperor. In Europe the chrysanthemum is a symbol of death and is used for funerals or on graves. The chrysanthemum flower is actually a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic! It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat high blood pressure and angina. It is a perennial flower that will come back year after year. Obtained from the following website :-

Your Birth Month is November

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years.
You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Compassion, friendship, and secret love

Your gemstone: Citrine

Your flower: Chrysanthemum

Your colors: Dark blue, red, and yellow

If you are born in other months, click on the above link to check for yourself ;)